music for modern dance / as if to nothing rerun trailer

choreographer: Sang Jijia music: Dickson Dee CCDC dance company in HK 2010 Hong Kong Dance Awards - Outstanding Dance Production - Outstanding Achievement in Choreography “The choreography is supremely kinetic, with endlessly flowing movement that requires the dancers to contort every part of their bodies.” – South China Morning Post, Hong Kong “A cutting-edge work.” – Global Times, Beijing Enter the maze of déjà vu, trapped by our own memories. In every delicate moment, memories seem so close and yet so far. It is slowly swallowed by time. Struggling between remembering and forgetting scattered names, distorted faces, floating time, transforming scenes and familiar plots. What is left inside is emptiness. In this misplaced world, what is real? What is fake? As If To Nothing is an adrenaline-packed and interactive multimedia work created by the internationally renowned choreographer Sang Jijia, featuring electronic music by Dickson Dee and video design by Adrian Yeung. This tour-de-forcereturns for an