Music Improvisation -Sainkho Namtchylak+Dickson Dee+Shih-Yang Lee

「先用身體感受,你才會知道你要做什麼。」 「在數位時代,人們想念一種真實的接觸。」 用身體感受當下。 在譜好的音樂外,他們還擁有部分的自由,訴說無法預期的情感。 三位不同文化背景的創作者,談他們心中的即興音樂。 -------- Tuvan experimental singer Sainkho Namtchylak, DJ-sound artist Dickson Dee and improvisational pianist Lee, Shih-Yang talk about what improvisation means to them. Improvisation is unpredictability, adventure, healing, vision, communication and openness. A personal journey that awaits both the performers and the audience. “The physical sensations come first, before you know what to do.” It is freedom with structure, challenge with surprise.