The modern Day Flavours of Nanyin and Naamyam - Artsnap / New Vision Art Festival 2018

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Dickson Chris Song Chan Chi Kong Terry Tsang Cai Yayi Chen Silai Milosh
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Synthesised jam session of traditional sounds

Born in Fujian, experimental musician Dickson Dee grew up listening to the province’s serene millennium-old Quanzhou nanyin music. After migrating to Hong Kong, he discovered the contrasting Cantonese “southern tone” of naamyam, hailing from the Qing dynasty. For this cutting-edge concert, Dee and his synthesiser remix music of influential Quanzhou nanyin performer Cai Yayi and naamyam artist Chan Chi-kong from Chinese music ensemble The Gong Strikes One, with additional collaborative synergy provided on stage by transmedia artist Milosh Luczynski, dancer Terry Tsang and poet Chris Song.

Sound.Electronic Music.Concept and Creation.Producer : Dickson Dee
Quanzhou Nanyin : Cai Yayi
Naamyam : Chan Chi-kong (The Gong Strikes One)
MOD.Multi-media : Milosh Luczynski
Dancer : Terry Tsang*
Poet : Chris Song

Production Manager : Sonia Chan (Noise Asia Production)

Assistant Producers : Kitty Li (Noise Asia Production), Jent Zheng (Cyberdelab)

*By kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company

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Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre

2.11 (Fri)8pm
3.11 (Sat)2:30pm


Approx. 80 minutes

Meet-the-artist session after the 2 November performance

Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation

Sound equipment sponsored by Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation