VJ Milosh

The visual intermedia artist, video director, performance artist and painter Milosz Luczynski has lived and worked in Paris since 2001. After having studied anthropology at the university and art at the art school of Cracow, he then moved on to study in communucation and multimedia at the art school of Tolouse. The passion for music and performance opened new doors within the electronic culture. He started working as a VJ at raves i Cracow in 1996, and shortly afterwards he entered the electronic scene in Germany. At the same time as he was VJ:ing on scenes in Berlin, he produced videos and installations. Milosz projects are characterized by a mix of images, sound and texts. He co-operates a great deal with musicians in electronica, composers in contemporary music, poets, writers, and visual artist. Since 1995 he has performed his projects more than 300 times in several countries, on three continents.